I’m Leaving Tipperary

By Various Artists

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"I’m Leaving Tipperary: Classic Irish Traditional Music Recorded in America in the 20s & 30’s"

Globestyle IRISH ~ CDORBD 082

The Artists:

1. Michael Hanafin
2. Dan Sullivan
3. John McGettigan
4. John McGettigan
5. James Morrison
6. Tom Ennis
7. The Flanagan Brothers
8. The Flanagan Brothers
9. Hugh Gillespie
10. Hugh Gillespie
11. John McGettigan
12. James Morrison
13. Michael Hanafin
14. Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band
15. The Flanagan Brothers
16. Murty Rabbet & His Gaelic Band
17. Neil Nolan
18. James Morrison
19. Tom Ennis
20. James Morrison
21. John McGettigan
22. John McGettigan
23. Hugh Gillespie
24. Hugh Gillespie
25. The Flanagan Brothers

I just got this out of my local public library. What a treat! Recordings from the 20s and 30s. All sort of wild accompaniment, pianos, guitars, and strummed tenor banjos.