The Shores Of Lough Graney

By P.J. Hayes And Martin Hayes

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I managed to borrow an old cassette recording of this album, and took a copy. It’s Martin Hayes playing together with his dad, P.J Hayes. I believe that it was recorded in 1990, and only ever issued on cassette.
The tunes are played at a fair pace, somewhat different than Martin’s usual slower “lonesome” style, and the track noted as “Jim Sullivan” is actually a song ( but not sung by either P.J. or Martin!)
The tunes fairly drive along, with the fiddles perfectly in unison, even to the ornamentation. In my humble opinion, one of the best fiddle albums that i’ve heard.

The song “Jim Sullivan” was performed by Mark Gregory.


How can someone get a copy of it? martin is my favorite fiddle player.

Shores of Lough Graney being re-issued

Just learned that this has been re-mastered and will be launched May 6 in Bohan’s pub in Feakle. I haven’t heard yet about how to buy it, but presumably the usual sources will have it.

Re-Issue , as above comment

This recording has now (2011) been re-issued under the original title, but with additional tracks, and a re-hash of the tune names.
When I originally posted this, I took the track listings and tune names from the Cassette Cover, but they have been amended on the CD.
There’s even a credit to Don Meade for help with the tune titles.
Problem ! There’s now 14 tracks, not the original 11, so this needs amending.
As the original poster, I have tried to amend the listing, but the system will not allow the addition of more tracks.
Can this be sorted out please, moderators.

Re: The Shores Of Lough Graney

The Current Track Listing:
01 Reels: The Drunken Landlady / Joe Bane’s
02 Jigs: The Basket of Turf / The Hag at the Churn
03 Reels: McGreevy’s Favorite / Miss McGuinness
04 Hornpipes: The Golden Castle / Mickey Gallaghan’s Fancy / Junior Crehan
05 Reels: The Jolly Seven / The Copper Plate
06 Reels: The Boys of Ballisodare / The Pigeon on the Gate
07 Reels: The Porthole of the Kelp / The Maids of Mitchelstown
08 Hornpipes: Mrs Dwyer’s Hornpipe
09 Reels: Dick Cosgrove’s / Rolling in the Barrel
10 Jigs: The Killavil Jig / Billy O’Rourke is the Buachaill
11 Reels: Scotch Mary / The Old Torn Petticoat I Got in Mullingar
12 Song: Jim Sullivan
13 Reels: Sporting Nell / Toss The Feathers
14 Reels: P Joe’s Reel / Drag Her Around the Road

P.J. Hayes - Fiddle
Martin Hayes - Fiddle

Mark Gregory - Guitar 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 - Vocals 12
Dennis Cahill - Guitar 3, 4, 7

Re: The Shores Of Lough Graney

This recording is now available through “iTunes”. It’s not linking above because for some reason “iTunes” have listed it as by P.J. Hayes, with no mention of Martin.