Plays The Irish Tenor Banjo

By Kieran Hanrahan

  1. Kitty Gone A Milking
    Music In The Glen
  2. The Maids Of Castlebar
    Tommy Coen’s
    The Wise Maid
  3. The Humours Of Ennistymon
  4. The Coalminer
    The Galway Rambler
  5. The Galway
    The Golden Eagle
  6. The Mason’s Apron
  7. Tommy Bhetty’s
  8. Crowley’s #1
    Crowley’s #2
  9. The Queen Of The Fair
    The Tongs By The Fire
  10. The Girl That Broke My Heart
  11. The Cup Of Tea
    Creggs Pipes
    The Congress
  12. Cross The Fence
    The Tailor’s Twist
  13. Colonel Frazier
    The Salamanca
  14. The Glens Of Aherlow
    Sonny’s Return
    Jenny’s Wedding

Nine comments

This is one of my favourite banjo albums, only bettered (in my humble opinion) by Cathal Hayden’s recent album and Enda Scahill’s- Pick it up.

Simply a must for banjo players, this album packs in those tunes you need to know when playing in sessions while adding a gentle flair that greatly enhances the music. A ‘simple’ album, yet one that must be admired for the quality of musicianship. His rendission of the Masons Apron has become a standard!

Tommy Coen’s = Coen’s Memories (in E Minor I think)
Galway Rambler = Lad O Beirne’s Reel
Both Crowley’s Reel are done on track 8 as a set.
The dots don’t do Kieran’s version of Colonel Frazier any justice. Use your ear.

A fantastic album that’s very simple. Definitley worth buying.

A great album, really great for listening to when trying to learn the tunes. nicely paced, not to flashy.

Kieran hanrahan

Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of this CD, I used to have it years ago but lost it, can’t seem to track it down on the web anywhere


I’ve tried many sources to get hold of this without success. any ideas? thanks

Re: Plays The Irish Tenor Banjo

Fans of Kieran’s playing might enjoy hearing this - a live recording I made, back in 1977 of Kieran playing his 4 tunes at the Over 18 Tenor Banjo competition at the All Ireland Fleadh in Ennis. … Enjoy.

#1 ~ Tom Billy’s Jig:
#2 ~ The Groves Hornpipe:
#3 ~ Kathleen Hehir’s Slide:
#4 ~ Colonel Fraser’s Reel:


Re: Plays The Irish Tenor Banjo

I just updated track 3 so that it points to Seamus Cooley’s jig rather than Joe Cooley’s reel.