The Home I Left Behind

By CCE Tour 1974

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  1. The Dublin
    Tear The Calico
  2. The Castlebar Races
    Old Tipperary
  3. Ballyshannon Lane
  4. MacDermott’s
    Moloney’s Favourite
  5. An Buachaill Caol Dubh
  6. The Cook In The Kitchen
  7. The Salamanca
    The Star Of Munster
  8. Lucy Campbell
    The Jolly Tinker
  9. The Tidy Girleen
    The Templeglantine
  10. The Home I Left Behind Me
  11. The Bunch Of Keys
  12. Caoine An Spailpin
  13. Reevey’s
  14. An Gandal Ag Poll Na Bpratai
    Sixpenny Money

Six comments

This was one of the formative recordings that sparked my ongoing love of the music. My old cassette tape is unplayable now, but I hope the CCE will digitise these classic recordings and re-release them, ’cause I’d hate the players and their music to ever be forgotten.

Player details

from the cassette tape cover:

1.Bobby Gardiner - accordion
2. Peg McGrath - flute
3. Paddy Berry - singer
4. Deirdre Collis - whistle
5. Marie Grimes - singer
6. the Ceili Band
7. Brendan McGlinchey - fiddle
8. the Ceili Band
9. Donal de Barra - accordion, whistle
10. Anne Mulqueen - singer
11. Padraig O’hlarnain - accordion
12. Eugene Nolan - flute
13. Dennis Ryan - fiddle
14. Gabriel MacKeon - piob uileann
Piano accompaniment by Brenda MacEathram? (the cover printing has faded)

The tape has a CCE code ‘CL9’. Some of the songs on the tape as purchased were in a different order to those listed on the cover.

Mp3’s done

Well I’ve transferred the tracks to mp3 files on my PC, so if anyone at CCE is interested I’d be happy to send a CD over for their archives …

Re: The Home I Left Behind

the Jig played very nice by Donal de Barra on whistle is
Tidy Girleen (behind the bush in the garden) not Patsy Geary´s