By Helicon

Three comments

Recorded in 1987 by the now disbanded Helicon (apart from their annual Winter Solstice Concert in Baltimore, MD), this group consisted of Chris Norman (flutes, tin whistle), Ken Kolodner (hammer dulcimers, fiddle), and Robin Bullock (guitar, cittern, fiddle).

Like all of their recordings, they play a variety of music from around the world. I was reminded of this recording in particular by the recent posting of the tune “Squire’s Lamentation on the Refusal of His Halfpence”. Recording also has some sentimental value as Chris Norman is a former teacher of mine, and a man whom I credit with planting the seed for my interest in ITM long before I knew what ITM was.

I actually have this recording on cassette and am not sure whether it has been re-released on CD. It was originally avaiIable from Jeb Records, but I need to check to see if the company still exists. I briefly checked the usual sources and did not see the recording listed, so I’ll do a little research and post back here later with any reports of availability