The Bridge Céilí Band

By The Bridge Céilí Band

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“The Bridge Ceili Band”

Hawk LP ~ HALP 152 ~ 1976

“The Bridge Ceili Band” ~ members pre-1976

Ellen Comerfort ~ 1970 - 95

Denis Ryan ~ 1970 - 92 & 2000 - 01
Martin Fallon (R.I.P.) ~ 1970 - 80
Moira Connolly ~ 1970 - 74
Tony Coen ~ 1970 - 72
Tom Ahearne ~ 1971 - 98
Patsy Hanly ~ 1972 - 75 & 1990

Jimmy ‘The Hopper’ McGrath ~ 1970 - 72 & 1990 - 91
Denis Cahill ~ 1972 - 75 and 1990

Joe Smullen ~ 1970 - 72

In the recording there were some confusions of spelling, etc. “The Clamp of Turf” is a distinct tune in itself. “The Graf Spey” was given as “The Gras Spey”. “Lord McDonald’s Reel” was given as “John McNeill’s Reel”. “McMahon’s Reel” is “The Banshee”. “Listowel Lasses” is also known as “The Glass of Beer”.

Track 9, the second jig, was listed simply as “Sean Ryan’s”, but is his tune “Dooney Rock”.

The Bridge Céilí Band

I have some of these tracks included on one of those cheap CD releases of céilí bands. On track 11, Coleman’s is Dick Sherlock’s reel.

Thanks Paddy… I’ve given it that name so the link is true… I’ve been slowly checking tunes against what’s here and missed a few, but Dow has caught me out and righted me on another Sean Ryan tune…

“The Clamp of Turf” = “Dancing Eyes” ~ by Sean Ryan

"The Hidden Ireland:
The First Selection of Irish Traditional Compositions of Séan Ryan"
Compiled by Brian Ryan

Page 5: “Dooney Rock” ~ A Dorian
Page 11: “Dancing Eyes” ~ G Major

“Gerry on the Bridge” is the name they’ve given for that well known reel “Jenny’s Wedding”… They do a nice job of it. I may transcribe it for the ‘Comments’…

This is a great old recording, I wish they’d re-release it for the pleasure of many others…

Extra tunes

Just yesterday I was given a copy of this LP in Australia, burnt onto CD by a very kind member of the band. My copy of the LP has the sixth track as:
Nine Points of Roguery, Swinging on the Gate, Toss the Feathers (in Edor) and the Oak Tree.

some great playing!

I’ve suggested to Jeremy that there be some way we can ‘correct’ or update information… I should have been listening to the tracks and not just going by the list on the jacket, I should know better…

Wouldn’t you know it, I did listen to them all during this submission but somehow missed that one… I use headphones with the computer and had probably stepped out for coffee… 😏

Track 6: “Nin Points of Roguery” = four reels:

“Nine Points of Roguery” ~ AABBCCDD x 2 ||:
Key signature: D Major
Submitted on December 9th 2001 by cheshire puddy tat.

“Swinging on the Gate” ~ AABB x 2 :||:
Key signature: G Major
Submitted on August 13th 2001 by Mad Baloney.

“Toss the Feathers” ~ AB x 3 :||:
Key signature: E Dorian
Submitted on May 25th 2001 by Jeremy.

“The Oak Tree” ~ AABBC x 2 :||
Key signature: D Major
Submitted on July 23rd 2001 by *weescottishfiddler*.

Go raibh ma’agat ~

“I’ve suggested to Jeremy that there be some way we can ‘correct’ or update information…” ~ ceolachan (above)

Thanks Jeremy, much appreciated

Re: The Bridge Céilí Band

Ellen Comerford (nee Ellen Flanagan) was/is one of the most solid box players ever.
I bought my first grey Paulo Soprani B/C box from her around 1985.
My mom’s cousin from Ohio had married a Maggie Flanagan from Mullingar.
I was trying to track down Ellen Comerford and Maggie said
“I think she’s a cousin of mine! I’ll ask my cousin Johnny where she is.”
We tracked her down (in Tullamore).
She had been out inoculating the sheep, which is why she hadn’t answered the phone.