Time To Time

By Gerry O’Connor

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I love this album, the playng is so good, I like the arrangements. Not everybody’s cup of tea though as is a fairly modern approach which may not suit the pure-traditional fan.

That sums it up for me, There is no doubt that he’s probably the best there is, but i find he over-does it a bit.I prefer the more traditional style. Saw him live with Kevin Doherty, jaysus he can really make the banjo talk..

Track 11…..


A unique arrangement of the 5-part jig, incorporating a song in the language of Lesotho. Great percussion by Tommy Hayes.

Time to Time

Great contributions by Brenden O Regan, arrangement wise as well as stellar playing.
Same with Gerry O Connors , “ No Place like Home” album which O Regan produced, and it garnered some serious kudos in the press. A formidable duo!!

Time to Time

Yes. Hayes and O Reagan have worked on quite a a few albums together and create a great vibe in whatever they do. They have great inventiveness in their approach and this is badly needed these days where all bands sound, or try to, sound alike.

Re: Time To Time

Full credits:

Gerry O’Connor - tenor banjo, fiddle, guitar;
Brendan O’Regan - bouzouki;
Tommy Hayes - percussion;
Bill Whelan - double bass;
Máirtín O’Connor - accordion;
Steve Cooney - nylon string guitar;
Randell Rainwater - dobro;
Camilla Dorcey - vocals;
Mánus Lunny - guitar, bouzouki.

Released in 1991 0n the Mulligan label.

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