The Best Of

By The Bothy Band

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Silence !

Not a single comment in 11 years ! Hard to pick a “Best Of…”, for “The Bothy Band” - so much great music in only 3 studio albums, [ not including the 2 “live” recordings ]. I don’t see how they could leave out the “Kesh” set, they should have just released the 3 as a box-set. Hard to believe that they were only together as a band for less than 5 years, and the music still sounds just as good today, over 30 years later.

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I suppose we all own all their other albums so there was no need to pick this one up, much less comment on it. 🙂

Best of

My lest favourite Bothy Album,

1.Paddy Keenan doesn’t play on all the tracks.
2. Some of the recording isnt great.
3. Its sounds out of tune at bits.
4. Afterhours is amazing.

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