Sixty Years Of Sean Maguire

By Sean McGuire

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Wonderful virile playing from early in his career.
I think his playing of ‘Roaring Mary’ is noteworthy.

Hiya Geoff.Nice one ! This collection was released in the 1960`s under the title "Sean Maguire"by EMI ireland .It`s actually a collection of the 45`s he recorded for them in the mid to late fifties.I think Sean O`Driscoll is the name of the piano player and these tracks were recorded in Belfast.We`re having a second anniversary night for Sean in Belfast soon.I`ll post the details under events.

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Thanks a lot for the information.
My LP is from Celtic Music, Lincolnshire, released 1988, and I now see it does mention EMI Records Ireland Ltd, but doesn’t say why.
‘Sixty years of Sean Maguire’ is a bit of a misleading name really!

Hiya Geoff,This album was released in 1988 when Sean was 60 years of age,so that was probably Dave Bulmer`s idea when he released it.How on earth Bulmer got possession of the master tapes and permission to put out this recording surprises me .

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