Sixty Years Of Sean Maguire

By Sean McGuire

  1. The Spey In Spate
  2. The Sunshine
    The Bee’s Wing
  3. The Four Courts
    Father Fielding’s Favourites
  4. The Mathematician
    The Golden Eagle
  5. The Boys Of The Lough
  6. The Maid Of Castlebar
    George White’s Fancy
  7. The Mason’s Apron
  8. Brennan’s Favourite
    The Idle Road
  9. The Sligo Maid
    Sean Maguire
  10. Roaring Mary
    Tim Maloney

Four comments

Wonderful virile playing from early in his career.
I think his playing of ‘Roaring Mary’ is noteworthy.

Hiya Geoff.Nice one ! This collection was released in the 1960`s under the title "Sean Maguire"by EMI ireland .It`s actually a collection of the 45`s he recorded for them in the mid to late fifties.I think Sean O`Driscoll is the name of the piano player and these tracks were recorded in Belfast.We`re having a second anniversary night for Sean in Belfast soon.I`ll post the details under events.

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Thanks a lot for the information.
My LP is from Celtic Music, Lincolnshire, released 1988, and I now see it does mention EMI Records Ireland Ltd, but doesn’t say why.
‘Sixty years of Sean Maguire’ is a bit of a misleading name really!

Hiya Geoff,This album was released in 1988 when Sean was 60 years of age,so that was probably Dave Bulmer`s idea when he released it.How on earth Bulmer got possession of the master tapes and permission to put out this recording surprises me .

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