The World Turned Upside Down

By Patti O’Doors

  1. Midnight On The Water
  2. Paddy Now Won’t You Be Easy
    A Fig For A Kiss
    An Phis Phliuch
  3. Ballad Of The Working Man
  4. Factory
  5. Miss Thompson’s
    Pretty Maggie Morrisey
    The Long Note
  6. Biko
  7. The 79th Highlanders’ Farewell To Gibraltar
    Langstrom’s Pony
    The Boys Of Malin
  8. Victor Jara
  9. The Tipsy Sailor
  10. Midnight On The Water 2
  11. The World Turned Upside Down

Two comments

From a cracking 70s vinyl.

Including the Patton brothers from Glasgow, formerly of “The Laggan” , if I remember correctly.

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