The Unseen Dance

By Evergreen

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  1. Here And Now
    It Looks Different From Here
    The Unseen Dance
  2. Patsy Touhey’s
    Green Mountain
    Highway To Limerick
  3. The Foggy Dew
  4. Pleasant And Delightful
  5. The Tale Of The Old Oak
  6. Monaghan’s
    The Five Pound Flute
    Heddi’s Look
  7. Sunbeam
  8. Heathy Hill
    Mary Young And Fair
  9. The Little Stack Of Wheat
    The Independent
    The Harvest Home
  10. The Mason’s Apron
  11. Returning Home
  12. Feel’s
    Tripping Down The Stairs
    Paddy’s Trip To Scotland
  13. If Only I Could
  14. There’s A Place
  15. Patsy Touhey’s

Two comments

The unseen dance.

the masons apron has an introduction written by the violinist who plays.
many of the tunes are originals.

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The Unseen Dance

I’ve already got this great cd and we listen to it often here in Wales! I never heard a version of the Foggy Dew like this - beautiful.