The Humours Of Glin

By Martin Mulvihill

  1. Eddie Kelly’s
    The Humours Of Glin
  2. Game Of Love
    Jack Connell’s
  3. Flower Of The Flock
    Reel Of Rio
  4. Paul Linehan’s
    Martin Wynne’s
  5. Touch Me If You Dare
    Shady Groves Of Piermount
  6. The Road To Clonmel
    Paddy O’Brien’s
  7. Sean Ryan’s No. 1
    Sean Ryan’s No. 2
  8. Josie McDermott’s
    Crowley No. 1
  9. Paddy O’Briens
    Liam Donnelly’s
  10. Liam Donnelly’s
    Mick Moloney’s Rambles
  11. Josephine Keegan’s
    The Tonra
  12. Come West Along The Road
    The Sandmount
  13. Jim Keeffe’s
    Top Of Maol
    Peg Ryan’s
  14. Sweet Glencarrbery
    The Tarbert Ferry
  15. Ted Furey’s
    The Broken Windscreen

Three comments

Lots of tracks with people’s names! To clarify a little, slides on track 4, jigs on track 7, hornpipes on track 9, reels on track 10.

Also, probably worth noting that the recording was made in 1986 on Global Village and includes Donie O’Sullivan (flute), Gabriel Fitzmaurice (guitar).


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