The Legendary Angus Fitchet

By Angus Fitchet

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  1. Elizabeth Adair
    Donald Ian Rankine
    My Dungannon Sweetheart
    The Shakin’ Of The Piggery
  2. Millbank Cottage
    Captain Carswell
  3. My Heart Is Sair
    Auld Scotch Sangs
    The Nameless Lassie
    Annie Laurie
  4. The Dancing Dustman
  5. Melody For Jim McFarlane
    Joan Blue
  6. Mary Smith
  7. J.B. Milne
    Donald Stewart The Piper
    Norman Whitelaw
    The Miller
  8. Jack Cooper
    John Stephen Of Chance Inn
    Rhoda McFadyen
  9. Lerwick
  10. Robertson’s
    The College
    Miss Gayton’s
  11. Golden Harvest
    Angus Fitchet’s Compliments To Ian Powrie
    The Lass Of Corrie’s Mill
    Mrs Agnes Watt
  12. Cradle Song
    The Thrum’s Cairn
  13. Miss Delicia Chisholm
    Gay Gordons
  14. The Stool Of Repentance
    The Maids On The Green
    The Frost Is All Over

Two comments

‘The Legendary Angus Fitchet’

Originally issued on the Lochshore label by Klub Records Ltd. ZCLOC 1024

The Legendary Angus Fitchet

This was recorded in Edinburgh towards the end of Angus’s playing career. (He was 73 according to the sleeve notes). The accompanying band was essentially Bobby Crowe’s band. Angus had played with them for a many years and he and Bobby remained the closest of friends until Angus’s death.

The band line up for the recording was:
1st Accordion: Bobby Crowe
2nd Accordion: Hamish smith
Piano: Muriel Taylor
Drums: Malcolm Ross (son of Lindsay Ross)
Fiddle: Angus Fitchet