Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 3

By Matt Cunningham

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Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 3

Note that there is some tune repetition on this CD, and with other CDs in the Dance Music of Ireland series. This is inherent in the nature of tune sets intended for set dancing.

Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 3 by Matt Cunningham

The second tune in the listing for track 23 should of course be "Merrily kiss the Quaker’s wife"

"Dance Music of Ireland: Volume 3" ~ tracks & dances

1 - 6: The Plain Set, 6 figures ~ County Clare

7 - 10: The Cavan Set, 4 figures

11: Couple Dance ~ Stack of Baley (relaxed tempo)

12: Couple Dance ~ Varsovienne / Verse of Vienna / Shoe the Donkey (relaxed tempo)

13: Couple Dance ~ The Schottische / Heel and Toe (relaxed tempo)

14 - 18: The Donegal Set, 5 figures

19 - 24: The Sliabh Luachra Set, 6 figures ~ Counties Kerry & Cork

25: Ceili Dance ~ The Trip to the Cottage

"Dance Music of Ireland: Volume 3" ~ Matt Cunningham & band

Ainm Records ARCD013, 1999

"Matt Cunningham’s Dance Music of Ireland"

- a collection of 298 traditional Irish dance tunes with chords, as featured on his first 10 recordings, volumes 1 - 10 of "Dance Music of Ireland".

Dave Mallinson Publications, 1999

"Dance Music of Ireland: Volume 3" ~ cassette v CD

For anyone who finds confusion in matching these tracks up with your CD ~ the book was put together from the cassettes and there were changes made to Volume 3 before the set was released as CDs. Matt Cunningham was not completely happy with cassette #3, partly I think having something to do with the bigger band, family, that he now has. The book "Matt Cunningham’s Dance Music of Ireland" and the orginal track list here (as yet unchanged) were based on the cassettes. He made changes to #3 before the release of the CDs. Our preference, mine and my wife’s and others who know both ~ is the cassette sets. The tunes and the arrangements seem to fit the dances better, and not just because it was the first we were familiar with. For example "The Sliabh Luachra Set", we know at least half a dozen different recordings for this set, and Matt’s choices for cassette #3 just seem to lift it better than the changes he made to CD #3.

Trevor (lazyhound) has graciously agreed to go over the CD and update the track lists so they coincide with what is currently available, the CD, sometime after April 2007. He’s that sort of guy don’t you know, at least in my limited experience of him, a gentleman, generous and considerate, tempered with humour. The least I can do is preserve the cassette tracks here in the ‘Comments’…

Cassettes v CDs ~ As far as I know Volume 3 is the only discrepancy Matt mentioned between the cassettes and the later CDs. The book, just to remind you, was created from the cassettes and there may be one or two tunes on Volume 3 of the CD that aren’t in the book and that are in the book and not on the CD… C’est la vie! 😏

Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 3

As Ceolathan has said, this is indeed a confusing situation!

There are only 7 tracks on the CD that are identical tune-wise to the corresponding tracks on the cassette; they are 8, 10-13, 16, 22. Additionally, there are other tracks on the CD that have some tunes in common with the cassette but other tunes that are different; these tracks are 14, 15, 17, 23, 25.

At the moment I’m undecided whether to alter the tune listing in the Details, and then Ceolathan would duplicate them here in the Comments as the "Cassette List", or to submit a separate entry called "Dance Music of Ireland Vol 3 CD Tune List".

The advantage of going to the second option is that it would solve the problem of Track 23, which on the cassette has two tunes ("The Monk’s" and "Merrily Kiss the Quaker’s Wife") but on the CD has three tunes - "Merrily Kiss the Quaker’s Wife", "Going to the Well for Water" (which I don’t think is in the book) and "Wi’ a Hundred Pipers". A new submission would handle this comfortably.

If I were to amend Track 23 of the existing tune list on the Details here then 2 tunes would have to be replaced by 3, and anyone who has tried this will know that one pair of tunes in such an amendment wouldn’t be picked up by the tune database. Anyway, a decision one way or the other won’t be made until the names of the tunes on the CD have been sorted out - which won’t be for a couple of weeks or so because of the Easter hols.

Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 3

I’ve carried out a preliminary assessment to see what needs to be done. I’ve found several instances of 2 tunes on a cassette track being replaced on the CD by 3 or even 4. This confirms my first impression that it will not be possible to amend the tune list details on this current recording submission. I’ll therefore certainly have to submit a new posting in order to handle the larger number of tunes on the CD.
It also looks like I’ll have to get seriously acquainted with a significant number of tunes in the book in order to identify the tunes on the CD I don’t yet know.

Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 3

I’ve now identified all the tunes on the CD version of Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 3. I’ll be sending the list to Ceolachan for his independent once-over when he returns from holiday, and soon afterwards I’ll be posting them in a new Recordings submission, whcih I’ll name "Dance Music of Ireland Vol 3 by Matt Cunningham (CD Version)".

There are 9 tunes on the CD that aren’t listed in Matt’s tune book "Matt Cunningham’s Dance Music of Ireland", so some excavation was needed to identify a handful that I’d never heard before. That process, incidentally, highlighted a problem inherent in an ABC tune search. To take a fictitious example, if a tune as played on a recording starts "G2GA BGBc d2" and the tune in the database uses "GF#GA BGBc d2", then the right tune won’t be found on the basis of that search parameter alone. Many tunes have similar starting sequences anyway. A better thing to do, I found, was to select a slightly out-of-the ordinary sequence from within the tune (preferably the B-part) and use that for the search. A much shorter list resulted and that was further diminished by going to the tunes in the list with the right key - which I’d previously determined.

Another thing I found useful when doing an exercise such as this on a set dancing CD with a large number of unlisted tunes was to get the "easy" ones out of the way first - the slides, polkas, hornpipes, waltzes and marches (not a lot of those), tunes with more than 2 parts (again, not too many of those), and the jigs (which are fairly straightforward) - leaving the less easy (the reels) for more special attention.

I’m back! 🙂

I also find printed sources easier to scan when looking for tunes and relationships… The visual graphic representation of pitch, the up and down of a tune, at least for me, are easier to scan for similarities, whatever the key, as dots rather than as ABC’s, both of which I have no problem reading… I just prefer the graphic layout of a tune in dots, a bit like a multiband graphic equalizer… But I’m also a sucker for a quality oscilloscope…

Re: Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 3

I edited the first 3 tracks not knowing that the CD version was on this website at the time of editing.