Traditional Music In Support Of Doolin Coast And Cliff Rescue Service

By Various Artists

  1. The Chattering Magpie
    The Killavil
  2. Caliope House
    The Stool Of Repentance
  3. I’m A Rover
  4. The Rakes Of Westmeath
    Pay The Reckoning
  5. Time To Say Goodbye
  6. The Nine Pups
  7. Off To California
  8. The Ships Are Sailing
    The Graf Spey
  9. The Eskimo Song
  10. The Star Of Munster
  11. Buddy Flanagan’s Jigs
  12. Martin Hayes’s Jigs
  13. Shipwrecked At Doolin
  14. The Shannon Breeze

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1) Kevin Griffin - Guitar; Eoin O’Neill - Bouzouki, Kevin Glynn - Bass
2) Mary Custy - Fiddle; Eoin O’Neill - Bouzouki, Kevin Griffin - Banjo; Gerry Molloy - Electric Guitar; Kevin Glynn - Bass, Andy Palfreyman - Drums
3) Sean Tyrell - Vocals & Tenor guitar
4) Davy Spillane - Uilleann Pipes; Kevin Griffin - Banjo, Eoin O’Neill - Bouzouki; Ian Lambe - Guitar
5) Bushplant
6) Sharon Shannon Band
7) Micheál Shannon - Concertina; Buddy Flanagan - Harmonica; Kevin Griffin - Banjo
8) John Williams - box; Martin Hayes - Fiddle, Eoin O’Neill - Bouzouki
9) Ted McCormack - Vocals; Kevin Griffin - Guitar; Stephen Flaherty - Electric Guitar & Keyboards
10) Davy Spillane; Kevin Griffin - Banjo; Eoin O’Neill; Ian Lambe
11) Buddy Flannagan; Kevin Griffin - Banjo
12) Terry Bingham - Concertina; Yvonne Casey - Fiddle; Eoin O’Neill; Kevin Griffin - Guitar
13) Niall Sheedy - Vocals & Guitar; John Lambe - Whistle
14) Willie Shannon - Fiddle

Micho Russell

Note from Eoin O’Neill & Kevin Griffin:

"The day Micho Russell was due to record his track for this album was the day he was buried vy his family and thousands of friends. Micho was the single greatest influence on the many musicians who have passed through Doolin over the years. His music was for everybody and it was given gladly by a man who was loved and is very much missed. On behalf of all the musicians we would like to dedicate this album to his memory."

Recorded in 1994, Ennis.

Track 12 - Martin Hayes jigs

I know it’s me who posted this recording so i should know, but still… :-p

Track 12 is called "Martin Hayes jigs", it’s a nice selection of tunes, very well played, but i can’t remember the name of them… Does anyone has this recordings and know the name of the tunes played on this track?!



The Star of Munster

Can anyone tell me whether Davy Spillane plays pipes or low whistle on this track?

The Star Of Munster

Hi Mikethebook !

He plays pipes and the tunes before Star of Munster is The Ivy Leaf .

Hope that helps !

Thanks very much. Very helpful.