Mither O’ The Sea

By Jennifer And Hazel Wrigley

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  1. Swelkie
    The Teran
  2. Brae O’ Scorne
    J. F. Dickie
  3. Mrs. Violet Eunson
  4. Shapinsay
    Jimmy O’ The Bu’s
    Scapa Flow
  5. Compliments To The Orkney Norway Friendship Association
    The Mester Ship
  6. Running The Lee
    The Flotta Dash
  7. Adelaide
    The Phantom Flight
  8. The Trip To Orkney
  9. Whal’s Rost
    Tommy Mainland’s March
  10. Way Oot West
    Bessie Millie’s Sixpence
  11. The Duchess Of Gordon
  12. R Aim’s Compliments To J. Craigie
    The Holm Band Tune

Two comments

Why am I first?

I know many fine recordings of Irish music, like Mary MacNamara “Traditional Music from East Clare,” Kevin Crawford “In Good Company,” Davy Spillane & Kevin Glackin “Forgotton Days, ” and Claire Mann “Claire Mann.” But this CD by the Orcadian twins is as good as them and one of my all-time favorites.

They composed most of the tunes in their albums, but amazingly enough, they sound really traditional. Some compositions and their arrangements are influenced by contemporary music, but still more or less obedient to the tradition.

Anyway, it’s time to stop. I know some people will comment soon.

Oh, finally, don’t forget to post the tunes you play.

Bessie Millies Sixpence

This tune, the second tune in track #10, Bessie Millies Sixpence is very intruiging. If anyone has the sheet music, please let me know.