Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 6

By Matt Cunningham

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Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 6 by Matt Cunningham

Note that the way the tunes are arranged in the sets on the tracks does not necessarily correspond to the way in which those sets would be played in sessions. This is because the sets on the CD are for set dancers to dance to, and an essential feature of this is that a set for dancing has to have a definite number of bars to match the dancers’ movements, and this number of bars isn’t always an exact multiple of the 32 bar (2x8+2x8) structure of many tunes.

Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 6 by Matt Cunningham

Track 14 is clearly two separate tunes, “Sweet Biddy Daly”, and “Sixpenny Money”

“Dance Music of Ireland: Volume 6” ~ tracks & dances

1 - 6: The Corofin Plain Set, 6 figures ~ County Clare

7: Couple Dance ~ The Military Two-Step

8: Couple Dance ~ The Gay Gordons

9 - 13: The Monaghan Set, 5 figures

14 - 18: The Black Valley Square Jig Set ~ County Kerry

“Dance Music of Ireland: Volume 6”

Ainm Records ARCD016, 1999

“Matt Cunningham’s Dance Music of Ireland” - a collection of 298 traditional Irish dance tunes with chords, as featured on his first 10 recordings, volumes 1 - 10 of “Dance Music of Ireland”.

Dave Mallinson Publications, 1999

Dance Music Of Ireland Volume 6 by Matt Cunningham

There is one tune, “Liberty Belle”, on CD Volume 6 which isn’t in the tune book (and I believe it is the only such one in the 10-volume collection), - for copyright reasons. But the dots are available elsewhere 😉
Actually, there is reason to believe that the tune has come out of copyright since the publication of the tune book.