Silver Apples Of The Moon

By Ceoltoiri

  1. Arise And Dress Yourself
  2. Sir David Davidson
    Sma Coals For Nailers
    Jack Broke Da Prison Door
  3. Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
    Oro Se Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile
  4. Rockin’ The Cradle
  5. Flowing Tide
    New Claret
  6. Song Of Wandering Aengus
  7. Far Away
  8. The Grey Cock
  9. Dr. John Stafford
    Constantine Maguire
  10. Jampland Polska
    Sodermanland Polska
  11. The Plain Girl’s Lament
  12. Death Of Queen Jane
  13. Lias Laddie

One comment

Silver Apples of the Moon

Track #1 is also known as "Eirigh ‘s cuir ort do chuid eadaigh"

Track #6 uses a Yeats poem, set (by Sue Richards) to Northumbrian tune "Gan to the Kye wi’ Me"

The CD features a beautiful blend of hammered dulcimer, harp, guitar, and voice, all with a fine degree of musicianship.