Back To The Hills

By Kathryn Tickell

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2002. Includes, Willie Taylor, Julian Sutton, Andy May among others. As the title suggest this is one of Kathryn Tickell’s more traditional albums.

The third tune on track seven is: “The Old Hornpipe”, I tried the edit function several times without any success.

Re: Back To The Hills, more credits, and track 4 tune 2

Credits listed on (adding a few more to the above list)
Fiddle – Willie Taylor
Harp – Mary Macmaster
Melodeon – Julian Sutton
Northumbrian Pipes – Andy May (4)
Northumbrian Pipes, Fiddle – Kathryn Tickell
Piano – David Milligan*, Paul Flush
Trumpet – Daniel Lapp

It’s now pretty hard to find this CD anywhere - it’s not even listed in wikipedia’s discography, which may have been lifted from allmusic’s (which doesn’t mention it either, although the CD has been called one of her best).

The wonderful track 4 is three fine tunes played on fiddles (presumably Kathryn and Willie Taylor), joined by melodeon on the third tune. See particularly the notes linked above for tunes 1 and 3. However, ref track 4 tune 2, as pointed out by Nigel Gatherer at
“Kielder Schottische
The usual tune which goes by the name “Kielder Schottische” is in fact a version of the tune known in Scotland as “The Lad wi the Pladdie” - and that’s the tune on Kathryn Tickell’s ‘Back to the Hills’ album. However, that’s not the tune given here. I don’t recognise the tune which Joe Heckels has given us”

So maybe the tune here should link to

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Re: Back To The Hills. Willie Taylor

Just reading the very interesting potted biography of Willie Taylor at
and it says he died on 2 November 2000:
“Willy Taylor (5 January 1916 – 2 November 2000) was a fiddler from Northumberland, England. He performed with Joe Hutton and Will Atkinson as the Shepherds.”

But this CD came out in 2002. I wonder when the tracks he played on here were recorded?

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Re: Back To The Hills

Having recently acquired a copy of the CD, Kathryn’s liner notes give an approximate answer to the above question: “These tapes of Willie Taylor and myself were recorded a few years ago, and I am proud to include them on this album.”
And the last words on the CD insert are “Dedicated to the memory of William Cowans Taylor (1916-2000)”.

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