Lemonade And Buns

By Kila

  1. O’Callaghan’s Flights Of Fancy
    The Compledgegationist
  2. Tine Lasta
  3. Turlough’s
  4. Andy’s Bar : Ar An Imeall
    On The Bog
    Talamh Slán
  5. An Tiománaí
  6. Where Did Ya Hide That Train, Joe ?
  7. Star Of The Sea
    The Listerine
  8. Rachel’s
  9. Epicy
  10. Juillet À Brest
    127, Bóthar Na Trá
    Lemonade And Buns
  11. Cé Tú Féin

Six comments

what an amazing album. this band are so amazing. mad to see live eh!

Hey, who are these peeps? Scottish or Irish? I like some of the tune names, im gonna have to learn ‘On The Bog’ just for te fun of anouncing it one day at a gig 🙂

and wat the hells a ‘Compledgegationist’ ?


kila are a totally mad bunch , irish, those people that were playing at the dochas gig in inishmore in ireland i was telling you about lyns? the madest tunes eh! not quite as random as that ‘bow job’ one eilidh shaw has made. madness!!!

sorry - ugghhh

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Re: Lemonade And Buns

2000 own-label release.

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