Traditional Music Of Ireland And The Bucks Of Oranmore

By Joe Burke & Charlie Lennon

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  1. The Dogs Among The Bushes
  2. Trip To The Cottage
    Tatter Jack Walsh
  3. Minny Foster
    The Banks
  4. Sporting Nell
    The Boyne Hunt
  5. Murray’s Fancy
    The Smell Of The Bog
  6. Patsy Touhey’s
    Molly Ban
  7. The College Groves
  8. Jackson’s Reels
  9. The Old Grey Goose
    Sixpenny Money
  10. Bonnie Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  11. Galway Bay
    The Contradiction
  12. The Longford Spinster
    Paddy Lynn’s Delight
  13. The Bucks Of Oranmore
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  14. The Hiring Fair (Story)
  15. The Rocks Of Bawn
  16. The Little Thatched Cabin
  17. The Bucks Of Oranmore
  18. The Connachtman’s Rambles
    The Cat In The Corner
  19. Dillon’s Fancy
    Toss The Feathers
  20. The Frieze Breeches
  21. The Bees Wing
    The Tailor’s Twist
  22. Paddy Kelly’s Reels
  23. The Rambles Of Kitty
  24. The High Level
    The Western
  25. Master Crowley’s
    The Jug Of Punch
  26. The Golden Eagle
    The Fiddlers’ Contest
  27. Trim The Velvet
  28. P.J. Moloney’s
    Paddy Fahy’s
  29. The Mullingar Lea
    The Crooked Road To Dublin
  30. A Job Of Journeywork
    The Blackbird
  31. The Humours Of Ennistymon
    Larry O’Gaff
  32. The Wonder
    The Liverpool
  33. Willie Coleman’s
    Dinny O’Brien’s
  34. The Yellow Tinker
    The Sally Gardens
  35. Full Moon In Kilreekil (Story)
  36. The May Morning Dew
  37. My Lagan Love

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New Tunes

These are some of Joe Burke’s earlier recordings which have been digitally remastered. Bonus tracks have been added including some lovely airs and some really funny stories told by Joe himself!

Another fantastic cd by Joe (The King) Burke. The bonus tracks are lovely. Colonel, you’re spot on, the jokes are priceless and he has plenty more.

Joe Burke ~ pushes all the right buttons 😉

Great price, great character, 2 CDs, bonus tracks, lovely music…

Tracks 14/15/16/35/36/37 don’t appear on the separate single CD’s

On the separate CD ‘Traditional music of Ireland’ there are some differences:
-Track 5a appears as ‘The Cuckoo’
-‘The flogging reel’ is added after College Groves
-Pat Burke’s and Frahers are added as an extra track before The Longford spinster