Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 10

By Matt Cunningham

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Dance Music Of Ireland Vol 10 by Matt Cunningham

The tracks consist of music for set dances, and so a tune, as regards repeats, may not necessarily correspond to what would be played in a session.

Dance Music Of Ireland Vol 10 by Matt Cunningham

I cannot help but notice the doubtlessly purely fortuitous juxtaposition of tune names in Tracks 19 and 28.

“Dance Music of Ireland Volume 10” ~ tracks & dances

1 - 5: The South Sligo Lancers, 5 figures

6 - 10: The Valentia Right and Left Set, 6 figures ~ Valentia Island, County Kerry

11 - 15: The Gillen Set, 4 figures ~ County Offaly

16 - 20: The Fermanagh Quadrilles, 5 figures

21 - 22: The Glencree Set, 6 figures ~ County Wicklow

24 - 27: The Roscahill Set, 3 figures ~ County Galway

“Matt Cunningham’s Dance Music of Ireland”

- a collection of 298 traditional Irish dance tunes with chords, as featured on his first 10 recordings, volumes 1 - 10 of “Dance Music of Ireland”.
Dave Mallinson Publications, 1999

“Dance Music Of Ireland: Volume 10” by Matt Cunningham

There is a misprint on page 64 of the tune book “Matt Cunningham’s Dance Music of Ireland”, where the tune listing relates to Volume 10. The entry for the 3rd tune of track 18 should be “un-named fling” (and not “polka”).

Title help

Tk. 11 The first tune is Terry Teahen’s No. 2
Tk. 17 The first jig is similar to the Leg of the Duck but is actually a separate tune know as Joe Cooley’s or The Bohola Jig.