Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 9

By Matt Cunningham

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“Dance Music of Ireland Volume 9” ~ tracks & dances

1 - 6: The Durrow Thresing Set, 6 figures ~ County Laois

7 - 10: The Fermanagh Set, 4 figures

11 - 17: The Caragh Lake Jig Set, 4 & 3 figures ~ County Kerry

18 - 22: The Ballycommon Set, 5 figures

“Matt Cunningham’s Dance Music of Ireland” ~ transcriptions

- a collection of 298 traditional Irish dance tunes with chords, as featured on his first 10 recordings, volumes 1 - 10 of “Dance Music of Ireland”.
Dave Mallinson Publications, 1999

“Dance Music of Ireland Volume 9” ~ Matt Cunningham & useless tracks

There are some really dire tracks on this, in particular for “The Caragh Lake Set”, with drop out, pops and tracks impossible to dance to comfortably. I have this particular recording several times and this awful garbage is the case on all the CDs… I used it for the first time recently and will not use it again. I am going to probably cut and paste a useable track from those that are currently useless… I will try and see if I can get a reasonable answer from Ainm or Matt Cunningham first…

Re: Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 9

On these audio ‘errors’, believed to be solely in the processing and burn, not the fault of Matt, no reasonable response was ever received…