The Bees Knees

By Hamish Moore And Dick Lee

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  1. Thunderhead
    The Easy Club
  2. Rumblin Brig
    Boatman Bill
    Iain McGee’s Romanian Boots
  3. Nighean Dubh Alainn
    The Teapot
  4. The Rock And Wee Pickle Tow
    Bannocks Of Bermeal
    Song For Julie
    Nail Aihan Thugam
    Jenny’s Chickens
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
  5. Maggie’s
    The Slippit Bar
    Paddy In The Sauna
  6. Slow Hare
    The Mongoose In The Byre
    The Bees Knees
  7. Staten Island
    Trip To Pakistan
  8. Anne’s Tune
    Buccleuch Street
    The Famous Ballymoate

Three comments

Bee Knees

This is an amazing album, and I applaud its inclusion here. While there a few “Ehhh” moments in a set or two, their arrangements are very imaginative (especially the reeds on “Easy Club”) and the playing is superb.
Anyone know whatever happened to these guys?

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Hamish Moore

I am not quite sure what Dick is doing these days, but I work with Hamish at a piping workshop every summer in VT. He is also one of the world finest (and most sought after) makers of scottish smallpipes and border pipes.

Hamish is still making pipes around Dunkeld in Perthshire. Last saw Dick in Aberdeen at a poetry event 2 years ago , contributing to a reading by a poet from Dundee, as I recall, on several wind instruments. I’d presume he’s gone back into the Edinburgh jazz scene.

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