Harthope Burn

By Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor and Will Atkinson

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  1. Loch Ruan
    Farewell To The Dene
  2. Major Mackay
    Ann Frazer MacKenzie
    Dumfries House
  3. Nancy Taylor’s
    The Pearl Wedding
  4. Kelso Accordion And Fiddle Club
    Linda MacFarlane
  5. Lady’s Well
    The Idle Bairn
  6. Morpeth Rant
    Jock Wilson O’Fenton
    Cheviot Rant
  7. Captain Norman Orr Ewing
    Redford Cottage
  8. Mrs Ann Jamieson’s Favourite
  9. Silver Wings
  10. John Spence Of Uyea Sound
    Willow Fjord
    Far Frae Hame
  11. The Lads Of North Tyne
    Minstrel’s Fancy
    The Harvest Home

Eight comments

Harthope Burn - music from ‘Northumberland and the Border Country’

MWM Records. MWM 1031. Recorded in 1983.
Joe Hutton - Northumberland Small-pipes
Willy Taylor - Fiddle
Will Atkinson - Mouthorgan

Fantastic playing. They really were inspirational.

I like

Harthope Burn

I’d say this is the quintessential sampler of traditional Northumberland dance music from the later c20.
These three were used to playing for dancers, so made it a priority to play in time and in a fairly straightforward style; but some of their tunes have pretty complicated passages, which they negotiate impressively.

To hear a concert of these three (mainly doing solos) plus fiddler George Hepple, turn to:
- and press appropriate audio button. There are plenty of other audio clips round this site.

Superb, lovely music… I am regularly saved from being a miserable old git by ~ my ears rejoice, my heart dances and my smile suffers strain whenever I listen to anything these three lads have done, individually or together… 🙂

"Will Atkinson: Mouth Organ" ~ more excellent music


Will Atkinson: mouthorgan/harmonica, Willy Taylor & George Hepple: fiddles, Joe Hutton: Northumbrian small pipes…