By Paddy Glackin And Paddy Keenan

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Both these musicians are masters on their respective instruments. This collaboration album has long been recognised as a trad’ classic.

For a long time this recording was out of print but it has now been reissued on CD.

This cd

Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

great album! i own it on both CD & vinyl

One of the albums that got me into piping in the first place. Great stuff, especially the last set!

Sleeve Notes


Paddy Keenan - Uilleann Pipes (Concert "D" Pitch)
Paddy Glackin - Fiddle, Viola
Donal Lunny - Bodhran and Blarge
Noel Kenny - Concertina

Produced by P.J. Curtis
Engineered by Brian Masterson
Recorded at Keystone Studios, Dublin,
Design: Creative A.D.

On this recording we play tunes which we have played together for years at sessions. Some of them we have inherited from our families, others we have learned from other musicians around Ireland. What we have tried to achieve on this album is to bring out the essential ruggedness and spontaneity of the music.

Paddy Glackin & Paddy Keenan

I’ve known the two Paddy’s for a good number of years now - both as friends and as fellow-musicians and indeed we’ve often shared a tune together. They’re probably well known to many of you as two of the finest traditional musicians of their generation, so when I heard that they were teaming up for this album I knew that the music would be good.

They have a lot in common (besides the name!) - both grew up in Dublin City; Paddy Glackin on the North side of the Liffey, in Clontarf and Paddy Keenan on the South side, in Ballyfermot. They were each strongly influenced by their fathers, both of whom play the same instruments as their sons - John Keenan the uilleann pipes and Tom Glackin the fiddle. Another of the strong influences on Paddy Glackin’s playing is the music of Johnny Doherty, a renowned travelling fiddle-player from Donegal. Paddy Keenan has inherited a very old musical tradition in Ireland - the open-fingered style of the travelling pipes; and indeed, one of the solo tracks he plays is a rattling version of The Bunch of Keys, a reel which the late Johnny Doran, a legendary travelling piper, recorded in the 1940’s

The two Paddy’s are joined here on some tracks by a truly versatile musician, Donal Lunny who plays the "blarge" (which seems like a evolutionary enlargement of the bouzouki) and also Noel Kenny, a fiery young concertina player from South County Dublin.

Having heard this album just once, I find it all I expected it to be - strong, exciting and skillful. I’ve never yet known words to capture fully the mystique of good music, but I’m sure that in many years from now we shall still be listening to the music on this album.

Peter Browne, 1979