The Steeplechase

By Brendan Mulvihill And Donna Long

  1. Jackson’s
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
  2. The High Road To Glin
    The Low Road To Glin
  3. The Lark In The Clear Air
  4. Tom Ginley’s
    The Bells Of St. Louis
    The Fisherman’s Lilt
  5. The Little Red Lark
  6. The Steeplechase
    The White Leaf
  7. Sean Ryan’s (Reel)
    The Flight Of The Wild Geese
  8. Mairin De Barra
    Kean O’Hara
    The Turnpike Gate
  9. The Hangman’s Rope
    Sean Ryan’s
  10. Miss Lyon’s
    Shan Bearnach The Raparee
    The Century Box
    A Dublin
    The Dawn
  11. Sir William Wallace
    The Iron Man
    Big John MacNeil