I Feel My Heart Fly

By Darcy Nair

  1. Rise Up And Dress Yourself
    Sixth Of May
  2. Fiddler’s Hymn
  3. Carolan’s Cup
  4. Waves On The Sea
  5. St. Basil’s Hymn
  6. Arise, Arise
  7. Spatter The Dew
  8. Loch Tay Boat Song
  9. Nancy Whiskey
    The Mountain Road
  10. The Sunset
  11. Chi Mi Na Morbheanna
  12. Eight And Forty Faeries
    The Walls Of Limerick
  13. Broken Pledge
  14. Lagan Love
  15. The Galtee Hunt
    The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    The Rakes Of Mallow

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About Darcy Nair

Darcy is a multi-instrumentalist who can be found playing Hammered Dulcimer at several Renaissance Faires. She also sings with the Pyrates Royale at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
Her website is: http://www.darcynair.com/