High Strung

By Darcy Nair

  1. The Bonnie Lass
    Gravel Walk
  2. Pach Pi
  3. Now I Know
  4. Sandpipers
    The Blarney Pilgrim
  5. Half Moon Bay
  6. Arran Boat Song
  7. Carrighdhoun
  8. Jack Haggarty
  9. St. Basil’s Hymn
    Spatter The Dew
  10. Rowdy Soul
  11. The Lady’s Bransle
    Maltese Bransle

One comment

Darcy Nair

Darcy is a multi-instrumentalist who can be found playing Hammered Dulcimer at several Renaissance Faires. She also sings with the Pyrates Royale at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
Her website is: http://www.darcynair.com/