May Monday

By Karen Tweed And Timo Alakotila

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  1. Seven Years
    Hokpers Vals
  2. Melting
    Return To The Stewartry
    A Quiet Autumn
  3. Polska Efter Leisme Per
  4. The Raheen
    The Whistler Of Rosslea
    Dr. Gilbert’s
  5. When The Land Is White With Snow
  6. Incontinental Mood
    Flat World
  7. Tomas Haards Schottis Efter Pocket Carina Nygren
  8. Rojas Erik Andersson Uptecknad Efter Rojas Jonas
  9. Bob Parson’s
    The Piper’s Despair
    The Commodore
  10. Riverside Aby

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An album made in 2001 by English accordionist Karen Tweed and Norwegian pianist Timo Alakotila (plus various other instruments ranging from flugelhorn to string quartet). While normally I’m not a huge fan of accordions, I love this album - the playing is sensitive and the arrangements interesting and varied. It contains a mix of Scandanavian, Irish, Scottish and English tunes. Great stuff.


Hi, just needed to point out that Timo Alakotila is Finnish, and we’re proud to have him that way 🙂

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Would be nice if Tweed’s name were spelled correctly in the details.

Whoops. Thanks. I’ll fix that.