English Fiddle Tunes

By Pete Cooper

  1. Drive The Cold Winter Away
  2. Kettledrum
    Maiden Lane
  3. Seven Stars
    The Month Of May
    Dribbles Of Brandy
  4. Flaxley Green Dance
    Abbots Bromley Horndance
  5. Astley’s Ride
    Rochdale Coconut Dance
  6. Bang Up
    The Hurling Boys
    Off She Goes
  7. Sir Roger De Coverley No. 1
    The Long Room In Scarborough
    The Peacock Followed The Hen
  8. Gypsy’s
    The Savage
  9. The Savage
  10. Kershaw’s
  11. Iron Legs
    The Sportsman’s
  12. Wednesday Night
    England’s Glory
    Alonby Lasses
  13. William Pitt
    Willie Is A Bonny Lad
    Devil In A Bush
  14. Hod The Lass Till I Run At Her
  15. Trip To Cartmell
    Small Coals And Little Money
  16. The Steamboat
  17. The Cage
  18. The High Level Bridge
    The Wonder
  19. Old Morpeth Rant
    Morpeth Rant
    Roxburgh Castle
  20. Nancy
  21. Sir Sydney Smith’s March
  22. Snowy Monday
  23. Dance To Your Daddy No. 1
    Dance To Your Daddy No. 2
  24. Buy Brooms Besoms
  25. Lads And Lasses
    The Dusty Miller
    Rusty Gulley
  26. Cheshire Round
    Our Cat Has Kitted
  27. Chip And Rant
    Northern Frisk
  28. Presbyterian
  29. Mad Molly
    Lord Of Lyme
  30. Jack Of The Green
    John Of The Green, The Cheshire Way
  31. Brunswick
  32. Sweet Jenny Jones
    Bwlch Llanberis
    Michael Turner’s
  33. Walter Bulwer’s No. 1
    Walter Bulwer’s No. 2
  34. Father’s
    Scan Tester’s No. 1
    Scan Tester’s No. 2
  35. Fred Pidgeon’s No. 1
    Jenny Lind
    Kempshott Hunt
  36. Heel & Toe
  37. Walter Bulwer’s Off She Goes
  38. Phillibelula All The Way
    The Keel Row
  39. Lemmy Brazil’s No. 2
    Scan Tester’s Country Stepdance
  40. Bacca Pipes
  41. Idbury Hill
  42. Highland Mary
  43. Johnny’s So Long At The Fair
  44. Princess Royal
  45. William And Nancy
    The Queen’s Delight
  46. Old Molly Oxford
    Old Tom Of Oxford
  47. Just As The Tide Was Flowing
    The Blue-Eyed Stranger
  48. The Ploughboy
    The Radstock
    Tite Smith’s
  49. The Gloucester
    Black Joak
    White Joak
    True Joak
  50. Persian Ricardo
    Sir Roger De Coverley No. 2
    Pop Goes The Weasel

Two comments

English Fiddle Tunes by Pete Cooper

English Fiddle Tunes (99 Traditional Pieces for Violin) played solo by Pete Cooper, is published by Schott, ED 12748 (ISBN 1-902455-57-6), with an accompanying 54-track CD.
Extensive and informative (if not scholarly in some places) notes on the tunes will be found on Pete Cooper’s web page http://www.petecooper.com/eftnotes.htm#19

In order to squeeze the data contents of the 54 tracks on the CD into the 50 tracks allowed by the Recordings Database I have combined the data of tracks 48 - 54 of the CD into tracks 48 - 50 on the Database. The arrangement will be clear by reference to Pete Cooper’s web page linked above.