By Will Atkinson, Willy Taylor, George Hepple, Joe Hutton

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  1. A Trip To Bavaria
    Bill Sutherland’s March
    Kenmay House
  2. Sharon Davis
    The Lemonville
  3. Willy Atkinson’s Schottische
  4. Mr. Mickey
    Joe Foster’s
  5. Tombigbee
    Haight Ashbury
  6. Madame Bonaparte
    Fiddler’s Cramp
  7. Hills Of Alva
    Mr. And Mrs. Alec Ross
  8. Gillespie’s
    CTS Empress
    Lord Saltoun
  9. Will Atkinson’s March
    The Laird Of Thrums
    Miss Forbes’s Farewell
  10. J. B. Milne
    The New High Level
    The Tusca
  11. Polkas
  12. The Old Meal Mill
    Bonny Border Burn
  13. Alistair Anderson’s
    The Early Morning
    Kyloe Burn
  14. Duke Of Fife
    Skinner’s Compliments To Dr. MacDonald
  15. Pippa Sandford
    The Emile Vacher
    Jim Anderson’s Delight
  16. Circassian Circle
    Gan Ainm
    Goodnight And Joy Be With You

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“Mouthorgan” - Will Atkinson, Northumbrian musician.

The details I have given are from an oldish cassette - I don’t know if this album was ever released as a CD. It was issued in 1989 by Common Ground, no.CGRC 002.
Will Atkinson played consummate dance music on the mouthorgan, in his latter years appearing alongside Joe Hutton (N/brian pipes) and Willy Taylor (fiddle) at many concerts and festivals as well as in the Northumberland countryside where they lived (all have now died).

To get very generous free audio samples of the playing of these and other fine Northumbrian musicians, turn to:
- where there’s a recording of a concert; and just ping the words Audio / Listening Post / Radio Farne, to find other samples that exist on this site!

(Actually, there are only four players in the concert recording: the fourth is George Hepple (fiddle))

On this album, Will is ably accompanied by a pianist whose name is not given on my cassette sleeve.

(NOTE - If this album has been released on CD, the order of the tracks may have been changed.)

Sadly it hasn’t… Boo hoo!!!

“The Shepherds” ~ great dance music…

This recording is a real joy, marvelous. I have loved the music these three characters make since I first heard it ~ Will Atkinson, Joe Hutton and Willy Taylor… I wish I’d had the pleasure of knowing them and learning from them, but their music survives them and it is a welcome education to my ears. I’ll get some of these transcribed so others can enjoy the tunes they brought life to… Thank you lads for so much listening pleasure… 🙂

“Will Atkinson: Mouth Organ” ~ tunes with their composers, those known

1.) B: Bill Sutherland ~ A. Rennie
C: Kenmay House ~ A. Rennie

2.) A: Sharon Davis ~ Will Atkinson

4.) A: Mr. Mickey ~ A. Fitchet
B: Joe Foster’s Jig ~ L. Ross

5.) B: Haight Ashbury ~ Freeland Barbour

9.) A: Will Atkinson’s March ~ J. Lindsay

10.) A: J. B. Milne ~ A. Fitchett
B: The New High Level ~ Whinham Rankin
C: The Tusca ~ R. Cooper

12.) B: Bonny Border Burn ~ D. Black

13.) A: Alistair Anderson’s ~ Will Atkinson
B: The Early Morning ~ Will Atkinson
C: Kyloe Burn ~ Will Atkinson

14. A: Duke of Fife ~ S. Skinner
B: Skinner’s Compliments To Dr. MacDonald ~ S. Skinner

15.) A: Pippa Sandford ~ Will Atkinson
C: Jim Anderson’s Delight ~ R. Cooper

2.) B. The Lemonville ~ attributed to a Jack C. Hayes

“Harthope Burn: Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor & Will Atkinson” ~ more great music

Joe Hutton: Northumbrian small pipes, Willy Taylor: fiddle, Will Atkinson: mouthorgan/harmonica…

There are few finer tonics to refresh oneself with than music from these folks… It always makes me smile and my feet move..