French Canadian, Irish And Scottish Fiddle Music

By Jean Carignan

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Bonnie Kate medley

The extract on the web-link provided sounds like its the medley that Carignan played with Yves Verret and Gilles Losier in 1975 at “La veillee des veillees” which consisted of three reels, Bonnie Kate opening the medley and Star of Munster finishing it off.
A gret album not yet posted on TheSession and that should be.
I’ll get to it 😉

Bonnie Kate Medley

Any clue on what the second reel may be called?

Track 2 : Fermoy Lasses

Listening to the samples, I notice that the “Mason’s Apron” medley has Fermoy Lasses in it.
I’ll try to get my hands on a copy and be more acurate on the tune listing.
Take care 😉

More information

Liner notes are very poor on the CD. I doesn’t even mention the names of the musicians who join Carignan.
Jean Carignan plays fiddle and is joined on all tracks by Glles Losier (piano and feet). Yves Verret plays accordeon on tracks 2, 3 ,6 , 7, 13, 14, 15, and 16.

TRACKS (1 to 16)
1. The Devil’s Dream (hornpipe played as a reel)
2. The Fermoy Lassies / The Mason’s Apron (reels)
3. The Salamanca / Untitled Reel (reels)
4. Bagpipe On Violin
5. Lord Gordon’s Reel
6. Van Dam’s Hornpipe
7. Bonnie Kate / Untitled Reel / The Star of Munster (reels)
8. The Bird In The Bush (reel)
9. Le reel du pendu
10. Reel de Gaspé
11. Le Rossignol
12. Untitled Strathspey / The Laird o’ Drumblair / Untitiled Reel (Scott Skinner)
13. La Ronfleuse Gobeil
14. The Geese In The Bog / The Trip to The Cottage (jigs)
15. Le poteau blanc
16. La Bastringue

Track 7

The second reel is “Over the Moor to Maggie”, thus replicating the medlay as John J. Kimmel used to do it.

Track 7

Bonnie Kate / Over the Moor to Maggie / The Star of Munster

Thanks f.pellerin, appreciated…

I made a comeback on this site. My first move is to update the list of tunes on this recording according to f.pellerin comments.