The Well Tempered Bow

By Liz And Yvonne Kane

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  1. Paddy Fahey’s
    Mullingar Lea
    Paddy Fahey’s
  2. The Trip To Galway
    Crabs In The Skillet
    The Fly In The Porter
  3. The Bee’s Wing
    In Memory Of Michael Coleman
  4. Paddy Fahey’s
    The Man Of The House
    Paddy Fahey’s
  5. The Valley Of Knockanure
  6. The Girl From The Big House
    Tra Na mBan
    Thank God We’re Surrounded By Water
  7. Leddy From Cavan
    Paddy Fahey’s
  8. The High Level
    Fly By Night
  9. Paddy Fahey’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
  10. Kye’s
    The Lenawee
  11. Kusnacht
  12. A Reel In The Style Of Redican
    Galway Bay
  13. Do You Want Anymore ?
    The Broken Pledge
    Maud Millar

Fifteen comments

Heres an album for all you avid fiddlers out there, duet fiddles!!

This is one of my favorite cds--terrific tunes, well played, rock solid and full of heart without being flashy. The only trouble with it at all is that the track list is a total mess. I’ve started working out what’s what, and nothing jibes with the track list as printed with the cd or on the Kane’s web site.

What I’ve got so far:

Track 1: Unanmed Reel/Galway Bay
Track 2: Beeswing Hornpipe/In Memory of Coleman
Track 5: The Girl from the Big House/not sure what follows
Track 11: maybe this is Fly By Night/High Level Hornpipe

If anyone has corrected, accurate info on the rest of the tunes and tracks, I’d sure appreciate seeing it.

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Looks like Track 3 is Fahey’s/Man of the House/Fahey’s
and Track 10 is Fahey’s/Mullingar Lea/Fahey’s.

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Okay, no guarantees, but I think I’ve got the proper track listing to match the tunes in the actual order they appear on the cd. Here goes:

1. Reel in the Style of Redican/Galway Bay (reels)
2. Beeswing Hornpipe/ In Memory of Coleman (hornpipe/reel)
3. Paddy Fahey’s/Man of the House/Paddy Fahey’s (reels)
4. Kusnacht (‘slow piece’)
5. The Girl from the Big House/Tr

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I just got this Cd. Apparantly they have corrected the liner notes. Everything seems to be in the proper order now.

Anyway, a great Cd. I didn’t know what to expect. Would they be harmonizing with each other?, I asked myself. But it seems to be mostly two fiddles played straight ahead. And it sounds great.

Why are all of the Paddy Fahey’s on this list linked to the same tune in the database?

Because the links to the tunes are generated based on the names you put in the track list and even if you already know which Paddy Faney’s is which, the site doesn’t offer any way to correct the mistake.

Wrong tune under the wrong name!

Sorry to tell you this but you have the Paddy Fahey tune on Liz and Yvonne Kane’s C.D “the well tempered bow mixed up with another of paddy Faheys compositions! ”


So are all the fahey tunes on the sight somewhere we can’t get to them because of a linking error?

The problem is more that Paddy Fahy doesn’t give his compositions individual titles. What I have been meaning to do is listen to the recordings I have with Fahy compositions on them and link them to the appropriate tune in the “Comments”. Anyone else want to help with this ?

Paddy Fahy confusion

Well, here’s one little clarification I can offer:

Track 9. Paddy Fahey’s/Paddy Fahey’s [Jigs] ..

the first jig is:

Paddy Tune numbers

I have sheet music from The for a dozen or more Fahey tunes, and each one is numbered. By whom I do not know, but hopefully we can agree on that. So, has anyone matched the tunes on the CD to those numbers? And is there a complete list of his known compositions? I would love to compare the sheet music to each tune as played, since it is easy for errors to creep into sheet music, especially ABC.


I never quite got round to this - see above - but will give it a try. Why don’t you do it yourself ?

Re: The Well-Tempered Bow

I changed all the Fahey links except track 4 first tune. and I changed Maud Millar