By Solas

  1. Pastures Of Plenty
  2. Coconut Dog
    The Morning Dew
  3. Silver Dagger
  4. Timmy Clifford’s
  5. Newry Highwayman
  6. Reasonland
  7. Highlands Of Holland
  8. Le Poules Húppees
  9. Rain & Snow
  10. Black Annis
  11. Who’s In The What Now
  12. On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis
  13. Lowground
  14. Beauty Spot
  15. Níl Na Lá
  16. The Flowing Bowl
  17. Lament For Frankie

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Awsom disc

Solas in it’s full power!!
all of them are virtouosos one by one.

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Have to say, over the years I had become rather blase about Solas. So much hype, so much airplay on the Irish/Celtic radio shows, so many would-be Seamus Egans, John Doyles, etc.
Then I actually listened to this CD, and I realized _why_ Solas gets all the attention. They’re just damn good, is all.

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I can’t agree less.

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I meen I can’t agree more

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Eamon McElholm doing Lowground in Em…

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to decipher the chord progression that Eamon is using for “Lowground” on the Solas cd/dvd Reunion. He’s capoed up two, probably using Dm? …with low E down to D?

I routinely use a few of these chord forms, but there’s several that I simply can’t make out, even with the help of the dvd.

I use John Doyle’s instructional dvd as a resource, but even J.D. isn’t clearing this up for me.

This is a great song. Does anyone here do this version on guitar? Or have access to the tab?

Re: Eamon McElholm doing Lowground in Em…

Well, how about this. Does anyone have an e-mail address for Mr. McElholm? I’d be happy to ask him directly.

This is such a mint recording. Maybe the recording that best represents how it feels to be at a great gig.

My only beef with Solas is that their studio CD’s sound very muted, very over polished and lacking in spontaneity, so they don’t get much time on my mp3 player. This is far, far better playing as well IMO. Especially Seamus Egan’s flute and whistle, and i like, very much that John Doyle’s guitar and Seamus’s banjo sit so girthily high in the mix and yet don’t drown everything else out.

I also like the rediscovery factor, there’s whole CD’s of their stuff i just haven’t bought because i took a mild dislike to some of the songs and tunes. But in this CD’s some of these are really outstanding sets. John Doyle’s singing is brilliant, I love Lowground and Rain and Snow.

Best of the lot though is Beauty Spot. I love the very deliberate change up into the reels, even the fact its a little messy indicates that they are so excited by the prospect of the tune ahead they can’t wait to get stuck in. And Seamus’s flute is deadly.

Nice, didn’t realise he was playing the first on a Copeland low D - same as me.

Not sure its from the reunion gig, but its the Beauty Spot set alright.


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Re: Eamon McElholm doing Lowground in Em

He plays it in DADGAD

Re: Eamon McElholm doing Lowground in Em

Hey Harlan- I went to a Solas concert on their final tour and talked to Eamon afterward. He showed me the basic chords he uses for Lowground and then we had a later email correspondence where he explained a bit more. I’d be happy to pass any wisdom from that on.