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By Gráda

  1. Cooler At The Edge
  2. Twenty-one Foot Man
    The Room Downstairs
  3. Natural Progression
    Peggy On The Settle
    Sligo Creed
  4. Red Civic
  5. Salthill Breeze
    Carousel Of Life
  6. The Queen And The Soldier
  7. Maria Letizia’s
    Foot To The Pedal
  8. River
  9. Lazy Sunday Morning
    Monday Morning Community Centre Meeting
  10. The Eighteenth Of June
  11. The Torrid Romance
    The Gammel Dansk
    Crossing The Tay With A Blind Man And His Dog
  12. Steerer John Begg

Two comments

i ordered this a couple of days ago, haven’t got it yet, what do you think of it?

I received my copy yesterday, have only had time to listen to it once, but I think it’s at least as good as the first two CDs - great music, an absolute must!