Celtic Roots & Rhythms - Heartcry

By Nick And Anita Haigh

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  1. Captivate Me
  2. Pilgrim
  3. I Heard The Voice Of Jesus
    Reel 1
  4. Come To Me
  5. Song For Kim
  6. Strange Land (air)
    Reel 2
    Reel 3
  7. Kyrie Eleison (Empty Broken, Here I Stand)
  8. The Enfolding
  9. Anthem For Ireland
  10. Dear Lord And Father
  11. All Around The World (bodhran-solo)
    Reel 4
    Reel 5
  12. Open To You
  13. Revelation

One comment

A very good folkie worship cd from friends of the Northumbria Community. Their version of Kyrie Eleison is a favourite of mine. The cd is currently available as a 3 cd boxset with the other "Celtic Roots & Rhythms" recordings.

Does anyone know the names of the various reels played on the cd? (The liner notes just say something along the lines of "some tunes Nick picked up from the Leeds Irish music scene…)