Keep It Up

By Keep It Up

  1. Charlie Hunter
    Miss Ann Cameron Of Balvennie
    The Duck
    Jim Ward’s
  2. Men Of Argyll
    Captain Horn
    Struy Lodge
  3. Lango Lee
    The Bee Sting
    Donald Willie And His Dog
  4. Just For Gordon
    Willie Murray
    Duntroon Castle
    Alan Henderson’s
  5. Barbara’s
    Old Woman’s Dance
    St. Kilda Wedding
  6. Mo Chaoin Challin
  7. Miss Janet Laing
    Alec C. MacGregor
  8. The Tail Toddle
    The Canongate Twitch
    Jock Wilson’s Ball
    Captain Lachlan MacPhail Of Tiree
  9. The Battle Of Waterloo
    Carron Side

Two comments

Keep it Up

Keep it Up are four young Scottish musicians: Simon Thoumire (Concertina), Eilidh Shaw (Fiddle), Malcolm Stitt (Bouzoukie & Pipes), and Kevin MacKenzie (Guitar).

Usually the recordings by young Scottish or British musicians sounds a little experimental, but this is one of the good exceptions. The players are strictly obedient to the tradition, and the album is full of subtle nuances. If you appreciate Mary MacNamara’s playing, you will also love this band.

Simon Bradley tune

The correct name for this is Miss Janet Laing