Reunion Concert

By All-Ireland Céilí Band Champions

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Album Review

This was recorded live at the West County Hotel in Ennis at the 2001 Fleadh Nua. Many of Ireland’s All-Ireland Céilí Band Champions got together and entertained many at the hotel for a great night’s music. The recording quality of the bands is fantastic and is a very good compilation of céilí music.


Tk. 1 + 2: Aughrim Slopes Céilí Band
Tk. 3: Tulla Céilí Band
Tk. 4 + 5: Liverpool Céilí Band
Tk. 6 + 7: Castle Céilí Band
Tk. 8: Glenside Céilí Band
Tk. 9 + 10: Siamsa Céilí Band
Tk. 11: Brosna Céilí Band
Tk. 12: Pipers’ Club Céilí Band
Tk. 13: Longridge Céilí Band
Tk. 14: Thatch Céilí Band
Tk. 15 + 16: St Colmcille’s Céilí Band
Tk. 17: Kilfenora Céilí Band
Tk. 18: Bridge Céilí Band
Tk. 19: Táin Céilí Band
Tk. 20: All Céilí Bands

Track Titles

Tk. 4: Castletown Connors is not the tune that is linked here. It is another jig by the same name and is also called The Shores of Loughrea. The beginning goes like: Bee Bcd ABG FED. Also, they called the following jig “Four Courts” but I know that as a reel and the jig is a common tune called “Paddy in London”. Again, it is not the tune which links up here in the details section but a different three part jigs which appears in O’Neills 1001 and has been recorded by Christy Dunne, Dervish and Shaskeen to name three.

Tk. 9: The Coach Road to Sligo is a march, not the jigs which is linked up.

Tk. 11: These three slides go by the collective title of “The Brosna Set” and the first one is the Brosna. I’ve never heard the second one but the last one is a tune that appears on the Come West Along the Road DVD and played by Ceoltóirí Lainghean. On that DVD it was incorrectly titled The Scattery Island Slide.

Tk. 12: The Maid in the Cherry Tree is a different reel than here and is more common and known as The Curragh Races.

Tk. 14: The first tune was originally unknown on the album cover but I know that it’s Midsummer’s Night. They Called the second tune Broderick’s but I’ve specified a bit more on that.

Tk. 17: All tunes go under the collective title of “The Kilfenora Set”.

Castletown Connors

I think Castletown Connors is Jig No. 324 in the O’Neill’s 1001 collection

Paddy, just found this transcription of the jig from a google search:-

T:Castletown Conners
B:Francis O’Neill: “The Dance Music of Ireland” (1907) no. 324
R:Double jig
Z:Transcribed by Frank Nordberg -
m:Tn = (3n/o/n/
m:Tn2 = (3n/o/n/ m/n/
B|Bee B^cd|ABG FED|(TGFG) (.A2.A)|(TB2A) B^cd|Bee B^cd|ABG FED|DFA dAF|({G}F)EE E2:|
W: From Musica Viva -
W: the Internet center for free sheet music downloads.

Castletown Connors

Bannerman, why not from this site? In Clare it’s often played in Edor with the two parts in this order, but it’s also played in Ador with the two parts reversed. “Condon’s Frolics” is the more common title for it, I believe.

Slainte, the tune on your link is a different melody to the one on the CD. Also when I searched the Yellow Board the Castle Conners was also a different tune as shown below:-

|:E| EDE G2A | B2e dBd | edB GAB | ABA AGE |
EDE G2A | BeB dBd | edB GAB | AGF G2 :|
|:B | ded def | g2e fdB | ABA ABd | egf e2f |
g2e fed | edB g3 | edB AGA | BGF G2 :|

Gian Marco’s transcription is in Ador with the two parts reversed, but still the same melody, the same tune. The link leads to my transcription of an Edor version, which is almost identical to the one in O’Neill.

Re: Reunion Concert: Fleadh Nua 2001

The march played here entitled ‘The Coach Road to Sligo’ is a composition of Brian O’Kane, piano accordion player with the Siamsa Céilí Band.