Ocean View

By Shanachie

Two comments

Album Review

Shanachie are a group from Germany. They are:

Jurgen Horstmann: Fiddle and Vocals
Thomas Hecking: Button Accordion, Whistle and Bones
Ulrich Schafers: Bodhran and Vocals
Tobias Kurig: Blarge
Max Brucher: Banjo and Guitar

It’s an interesting album. The opening set of reels are a cracker and the following jigs have some clever skipped beats. As for the songs, well, the voices are good but being German, I don’t think they have the art of singing Irish trad songs quite cracked yet. They’re version of Arthur McBride is quite laughable when you’ve been listening to Andy Irvine’s for so long. Still, it’s a nice album to have in the collection.