Tippin’ Away

By Damien Connolly And Pete Mancuso

  1. Paddy Gavin’s
    The Rabbit’s Burrow
  2. The Bunch Of Roses
    Kiss Me Sweetheart
  3. Miss Langford’s
    The Tailor’s Thimble
  4. Fitzmaurice’s
  5. A Trip To Montmagny
  6. La Foule
  7. The Humours Of Castlefinn
    The Gooseberry Bush
  8. The Keel Row
    Shiny Shoes
  9. Farewell To Ireland
    The Gardener’s Daughter
  10. Paddy Kelly’s
    King Of The Clans
  11. Valse Du Péril
  12. The Watchmaker
    Now She’s Purring
  13. Spindleshanks

Three comments

Album Review

Damien Connolly is the son of accordion player/maker, Martin Connolly. He plays both box and melodeon on this album and, as well as Irish tunes, he plays French-Canadian tunes too.

Pete Mancuso is his guitar accompanist.

Oh yes, his playing. He is fantastic. He reels have such a strong rhythm and great drive. First musicians that came to mind when I heard him playing were Bobby Gardiner, Joe Derrane and Paul Brock. That can only be good!!

Damien has great lift in his playing.
Dynamite player