Saint Patrick Was A Cajun

By L.E. McCullough

  1. The Sporting Lass Of Perth
    A Snake Is A Chiropractor’s Dream
    How Much Do Those Weigh?
  2. Leroy The Barbarian
    Corbin’s Wedding
    Sorry To Meet, Happy To Part
  3. Barking Up The Wrong Tree
    Crisis In Female Sex Hormones
    The Last Straw
  4. The Sporting Lass Of Tel Aviv
    His Own Kind
    The Sandcutter
  5. The Immaculate Deception
    The Wreck Of The Nova
    The Pinsota Fusion
  6. Hoosiers In Heat
    The Humours Of Allegheny
    The Ghost Of His Former Self
  7. At Odds With Machinery
    Grits And Kool Aid
    Fiddlin’ John McGreevy
  8. My Guardian Angel Is A Space Cadet
    Quinlin’s Return To Castle Shannon
    The Maiden Of Maybury
  9. The Langley Hall Explosion
    Late Bloomer
    Not Safe With A Razor
  10. McCullough’s Farewell To Pittsburgh
    Ground Sero
    The Humours Of Sarajevo
  11. As Good As Gone
    La Bijoutier
    Cuz From Castleisland
  12. Hammocks Go Anywhere
    Last Tango In Tarrytown
    The Trip To Mesila
  13. Jack And Betty’s Boy Bob’s Wedding
    All 65 Pounds Of It
  14. Demasiado Corazon
    Birds Sleep Safer On Bellerock Street Tonight
  15. Planxty Linda Fitzpatrick
    The Big Bouncin’ Bag O’ Bunny Luv
  16. Famous Last Words
    The Catnip Lady From Lubbock
  17. Men And Their Milk Fantasies
    The Middletown Meltdown
  18. Gassed And Gone
    La Encantadora
    Hanging Out To Dry
  19. Social Leprosy Is On The Rise
    Up To Your Neck In Newts
  20. Living With The Pack
  21. Lone Star Rising
    Hally Wood’s Fancy
  22. The Sure Way Back
    The Belles Of Shadyside
  23. La Polverita Fiera
    Looking For The Fifth Foot Of The Cat
  24. Goat Gods And Bean Dip
    St Patrick Was A Cajun
    Paddy Bless The Gumbo

One comment

Larry E McCullough.

OSS CD 110/111.

A 2-CD set. Tunes 1-12 on CD 1; 13 onwards on CD 2.

McCullough himself plays whistle, Nancy Conescu plays electric guitar and TH Gillespie plays synth.

61 newly composed tunes by McCullough, all of which are available in a tunebook of the same title (OSS MB 139).