Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 3 ~ CD Version

By Matt Cunningham

  1. The Bird In The Bush
    The Silver Spear
  2. Craig’s Pipes
    The Tulla
  3. Maids Of Mount Cisco
    Come West Along The Road
    The Merry Blacksmith
  4. Miss Montgomery
    Mulhaire’s No 9
    Eileen O’Callaghan’s
    McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
  5. The Walls Of Liscarrol
    Brian O’Lynn
    East At Glendart
  6. O’Keeffe’s
    The Chicago
    The Mountain Road
  7. Christmas Eve
  8. Rolling In The Rye Grass
  9. All Around The World
    The Reel Of Rio
  10. Molly’s Nightcap
  11. The Stack Of Barley
  12. Shoe The Donkey
  13. Love Won’t You Marry Me?
  14. Cherish The Ladies
    Sweet Biddy Daly
  15. Sweeney’s
    Oh! The Britches Full Of Stitches
  16. The Mist-covered Mountain
    Pay The Reckoning
  17. The Kerry No 1
    The Lakes Of Sligo
    St Mary’s
  18. The Boys Of Ballisodare
    Five Mile Chase
  19. John Egan’s No 2
    Mack’s Rambles
  20. Aileen Bonner’s
    Mary Ann
  21. The Lisheen
    The Weavers
    Danny Ab’s No 1
  22. The Girl I Left Behind Me
  23. Merrily Kiss The Quaker’s Wife
    Going To The Well For Water
    Wi’ A Hundred Pipers
  24. McMahon’s
    Tomorrow Morning
  25. Trip To The Cottage

Four comments

Dance Music Of Ireland: Volume 3 CD Version by Matt Cunningham

This is the tune listing for the CD version of Volume 3. The CD version is markedly different to the original cassette version, the tune listing of which is in Matt Cunningham’s tune book "Dance Music of Ireland" covering Volumes 1-10 of the series.

The tunes on the CD that are not listed in the tune book are,
Track 3: Maids of Mount Cisco
Track 4: Miss Montgomery/Mulhaire’s No 9/Eileen O’Callaghan’s/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
Track 5: Walls Of Liscarrol, The
Track 6: Chicago, The
Track 23: Going To The Well For Water
Track 24: Tomorrow Morning

Note that on Track 25 the sole tune "Trip To The Cottage" is played 12 times (I think!) - it is, after all, intended for set dancing.

These tracks are the same on the cassette and the CD: 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 22

These tracks are partly similar on the cassette and CD: 14, 17, 25

I’m very grateful to Ceolachan for the help and encouragement he has given me in ferreting out this tune list, and for correcting a couple of my errors. If there are any remaining errors they are mine alone; if anyone notices one please email me and I’ll take appropriate action.

Thanks, great work Trevor, much appreciated… Slainte has agreed to do #11… I got distracted from my efforts but will return soon…

Dance Music Of Ireland: Volume 3 CD Version by Matt Cunningham

The tracks and set dances on this CD are as follows:
1 The Plain Set Fig 1 (reels)
2 The Plain Set Fig 2 (reels)
3 The Plain Set Fig 3 (reels)
4 The Plain Set Fig 4 (reels)
5 The Plain Set Fig 5 (jigs)
6 The Plain Set Fig 6 (reels)
7 The Cavan Set Fig 1 (reels)
8 The Cavan Set Fig 2 (reels)
9 The Cavan Set Fig 3 (reels)
10 The Cavan Set Fig 4 (reels)
11 Stack of Barley (slow tempo)
12 Verse of Vienna (Shoe the Donkey slow tempo)
13 The Schottische (Heel and Toe slow tempo)
14 The Donegal Set Fig 1 (jigs)
15 The Donegal Set Fig 2 (polkas)
16 The Donegal Set Fig 3 (jigs)
17 The Donegal Set Fig 4 (polkas)
18 The Donegal Set Fig 5 (reels)
19 The Sliabh Luachra Set Fig 1 (polkas)
20 The Sliabh Luachra Set Fig 2 (polkas)
21 The Sliabh Luachra Set Fig 3 (slides)
22 The Sliabh Luachra Set Fig 4 (polkas)
23 The Sliabh Luachra Set Fig 5 (slides)
24 The Sliabh Luachra Set Fig 6 (hornpipes)
25 The Trip to the Cottage (jigs)

Re: Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 3 ~ CD Version

Track No.2 should be Craig’s Pipe’s / The Tulla Reel
Tried updating but don’t understand the format thing the website is looking for.