Star Of Ireland

By Finbarr Dwyer

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Star of Ireland

I came across this LP of Finbarr Dwyer while looking for info on him in the Irish Traditional Music Archive. I was delighted to find this. His playing is totally different on this album in comparison to his other LPs. In my opinion, he plays a little more like Joe Burke here and he even plays some tunes which appear on Joe Burke’s albums. Maybe that’s what I was hearing then?

It was released in 1976 on the Silver Hill records Label and features Kevin Taylor on piano.

Track Listing

Tk. 2: “The Teelin” is a reel some mixolydian mode and The Star of Ireland was composed by Finbarr Dwyer.

Tk. 3: “Ahearne’s Egg” was composed by Finbarr Dwyer and Paddy Fahy’s is the jig in D which appears on “Pick it Up” by Enda Scahill and “The Kilmore Fancy” by Catherine and John McEvoy.

Tk. 6: Paddy Fahy’s is the reel which appears on “Galway’s Own” by Joe Burke in the key of E major.

Tk. 9: “My Darling Asleep” is a much different tune to the commonly over-played version.

Tk. 11: “The Galway” is the reel composed by Larry Redican"

Tk. 12: “Joe O’Malley’s Favourite” was composed by Finbarr Dwyer.

Original Tracks

For those of you interested (as I would be) in the original titles given to the tunes on the LP, here they are:

1. Mulhare’s / Miss McLeod’s
2. Teelin Reel / Star of Ireland
3. Ahearne’s Egg / Fahy’s
4. Tom Wall’s Downfall / Floggin’ Reel
5. High Level
6. Paddy Fahy’s / Canadian No. 2
7. Star of Munster / Jimmy’s Folly
8. Moving Cloud / The Dawn
9. Dead Piper / My Darling Asleep
10. Mahoney’s Reel
11. Larry Redican’s Reels
12. Cooley’s / Joe O’Malley’s Favourite

Star of Ireland

This has to be one my favourite box albums. First time I ever came across the box being played *delicately*. Fabulous!

Track 9 - Idle Road, not Darling Asleep

Just to mention that track 9 is actually the Idle Road after the Dead Piper, not My Darling Asleep.