The Salmon’s Leap

By Randal Bays

  1. Bill McEvoy’s
    The Maids Of Mount Kisco
  2. The Ninety-Nine March
    The Ninety-Eight March
  3. The Golden Gardens
    The Salmon’s Leap
  4. The Ragged Hank Of Yarn
    Rolling In The Barrel
    In The Tap Room
    The Ten Pound Float
  5. Molly St. George
  6. The First Hard Rain
    Ryan’s Rant
  7. Shaskeen
    The Floating Bridge
  8. A Stor Mo Chroi
  9. Green Grow The Rushes O
    Tim Moloney’s
  10. Gypsy Princess
    The Woman Of The House
  11. Shores Of Lough Graney
    Ormond Sound
  12. Maurice O’Connor
    Carolan’s Welcome
  13. East At Glendart
    King Of The Pipers
  14. Princess Royal
  15. Mary Claflin’s
    The Noon Lasses
  16. Lament For The Great Forests

One comment

Randall plays almost all fiddle on this one, with various folks joining in. Other players are John Williams, Gerry O’Beirne, Dave Marshall, Leo McNamara, Joel Bernstein (plays some nice harmonica on one of the jig sets), Stanley Greenthal, Dan Compton, and Duke Whitehead.