Another Measure: Scottish Country Dance Music From The 1950’s, Volume 2

By Adam Rennie And His Scottish Country Dance Quartet

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  1. Petronella
    Persian Dance
    Reverend Peter Fenton
  2. The Gentle Maiden
    My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
    Annie Laurie
  3. It’s Nice To Get Up In The Morning
    She’s The Lass For Me
    The Waggle O’ The Kilt
  4. Rory O’ More
    The Blackthorn Stick
    Sorry To Part
  5. The Rakes Of Glasgow
    Loudon’s Bonnie Woods
    Innes Russell Of Perth
  6. Father O’Flynn
    The Rakes Of Kildare
    The Pet Of The Pipers
  7. The Lochaber Gathering
    The 51st Division At Beaumont Hamel
  8. Sean Truibhas
  9. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
    When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
    Come Back To Erin
  10. The Duke Of Perth
    Jean Kirkpatrick’s Fancy
    Kinclaven Brig
  11. Dovecote Park
  12. Cairney Mount
    Miss Clementina Loughlan
    Come Let Us Dance And Sing
  13. Roxburgh Castle
    Kemnay House
  14. If You’re Irish Come Into The Parlour
    The Garden Where The Praties Grow
    McNamara’s Band
    The Irish Washerwoman
  15. Scotland Yet
    The Auld Scots Sangs
    The Auld Hoose
  16. Lady Harriet Hope
  17. Hamilton House
    Dumfries House
    The Berwickshire Volunteers
  18. The Merry Maids
  19. The Ton
  20. Come O’er The Stream Charlie
    My Heart Is Sair
    The Piper’s Weird
  21. The Liverpool
    The Manchester
  22. Monymusk
    The Mason’s Apron
  23. The Drunken Piper
    The Piper’s Cave
    Babes In The Wood
  24. Roamin‘ In The Gloamin’
    I Love A Lassie
    Keep Right On To The End Of The Road

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“Adam Rennie & his Scottish Country Dance Quartet, Volume 2”

“Another Measure: Scottish Country Dance Music From The 1950’s”
Adam Rennie SCD Quartet - Volume Two
Legacy 16CD

20 more tracks recorded for PYE Records in the 50s, between 1951 - 56, including 4 more tracks discovered after Volume 1 was released featuring EMI Parlophone label recordings.

Adam Rennie - fiddle
Bobby Brown - button accordion
George Robertson - piano
Jock White & Ed Robb - bass

“Adam Rennie & his Scottish Country Dance Quartet, Volume 1” -

“Strict Tempo: Scottish Country Dance Music from the 1950’s”

“Superb Sound Quality” is on the front of these CDs, but there is a problem with this claim. While the digital may be fine, and I am glad to have these tracks, the discs are ‘home-burns’, not professional ~ meaning they use lower quality CD media and burning, what most of us have built into our computers ~ and are consequently less robust than what is generally produced commercially…

For those that might remember tape, these might be considered the ‘ferric oxide’ to the much better quality ‘chrome oxide’… 😏

Re: Another Measure: Scottish Country Dance Music From The 1950’s, Volume 2

Adam Rennie CD“ Village Hall to Royal Ball Part Two” the Pye Nixa recordings, is a proper produced CD and not a budget computer generated recording that will disappear like sna aff a dyke in time.
The CD is available from the Coupar Angus & District Heritage Association, 8 George St, Coupar Angus.
The CD that you refer to was released after the CADHA release! Adam being a Coupar Angus man and
known for having high standards in his music the CD was produced in the same manner.