Lightweights And Gentlemen

By Lau

  1. Hinba
    Funny Weather
  2. Butcher Boy
  3. Mattie And Karine’s
    The Lau
    The Crèche
  4. Come On Wee Man
    Waiting For The Results
  5. Unquiet Grave
  6. The Dog And The Rabbit
    A Dog Called Bran
    Souter Creek
  7. Alyth’s
    Muckle Moose On The Muin
  8. Freeborn Man
  9. The Moorhens
    Rick Taylor’s
    A Tune For Emily Ball
  10. Gallowhill
  11. Auld Stewart
    Young Stewart
    Last Week’s Efforts

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LAU: Lightweights and Gentlemen

Released 19 Mar 2007

Lau are:
Kris Drever – Guitar, Dobro and Vocals
Aidan O’Rourke – Fiddle
Martin Green – Piano-keyed accordion and Accordion

Fantastic album although definately not for the ultra-purists - It is too much fun!!

Magnificent. I want more !

Anyone got the ABC for “The Dog & the Rabbit”?

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This is certainly very refreshing! I hope more will follow.

There soon will be 🙂 Live album in the near future apparently!


The tune in the list might be called Gallowhill but it is certainly not the one from Lau. Does anyone knows where to find the (sheet) music of that?

Change title

This should be “Lightweights and Gentlemen” rather than “Gentleman”. Great album.

Dog and the Rabbit

Does anyone have music for the dog and the rabbit? I really do love that tune but I don’t want to learn it off of the recording, but the second part changes each time so I’m not sure how it actually goes.