By Futumayo

  1. Picnic
  2. Even Coffee
  3. So Crazy
  4. Goods
  5. Run
  6. Because Of You
  7. Charlie Mulvihill’s

Two comments

Futumayo means..

Futumayo is a compound word of two Spanish words, Futuro (future) and Mayo (May). It holds our wish that everybody’s life could be as bright as, as sprite as, and as beautiful as the image of May. The pronunciation of Futumayo resembles ‘Putumayo,’ the World Music Label, which features the world-musical characteristic of our band.



The theme of Futumayo music is hope. This is also expressed in the design of Futumayo album. The dark background stands for any kind of hardships that one is going through, whereas the small butterfly stands for a hope that is small but strong enough to fly through hardships. Like a flying butterfly in darkness, music is unbounded, ungraspable, indefinable, and can be anywhere in spite of hardships. Futumayo expect that our music could role as a butterfly in this world.