One More Time

By Billy McComiskey, Brendan Mulvihill, and Zan McLeod

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Five comments

Excellent CD for stepdancing and beginning players

Billy McComiskey, Brendan Mulvihill and Zan McLeod made One More Time for the Culkin School of Dance. The tracks are all played at very specific, very exact tempos, as dancers need them for both practise and competition. This makes the tracks ideal for beginning players and beginning aural learners, as well as stepdancers.

The speeds go as low as 50 and one track (the feis speed Gan Ainm jig) as high as 120.

It’s very unusual to find a recording of Irish stepdancing music that is also really good ITM to listen to as well, but this one manages.

I don’t know where else you can buy One More Time, but my dance school has it available at for $15 USD if you can’t find it anywhere near you.


This CD is one of the primary reasons that I decided to take up the fiddle. Absolutely mezmerizing and a must for anyone involved in or interested in Irish Dance.

I really like the CD for learning by ear. It is probably best for the intermediate level or a fast learner. The instruments are distinct, played at a tempo that allows you to decipher what you are hearing. I play concertina and am learning fiddle and it has helped with both instruments. To top it off these musicans are the real thing in ITM.

Re: One More Time

If you want to stream/download this but you can’t find it, search for the “Culkin School of Traditional Dance” as the artist, instead of Billy McComiskey et al. I love the unusually slow “Tar Road to Sligo” with the chromatic run and pronounced cuts. “Gallagher’s Frolics” is also excellent.